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absurdism, acceptance, affection, android animals, androids, anthrocon, anthroids, anthropomorphism, art, artificial animals, artificial intelligence, artificial life, artificial pets, avril lavigne, azureus, being ambitious, being different, bisexuality, bob ross, bowser, calmness, comedy, compassion, computers, creative writing, creativity, cybernetics, cyborgs, dance dance revolution, david firth, daydreaming, dinosaurs, dinty moore beef stew, doodling, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dvds, eccentric things, encyclopedia dramatica, ethics, evanescence, family guy, fantasy, flash animation, freedom of speech, friendly people, furry art, further confusion, grand theft auto series, gryphons, guinea pigs, gynoids, half-life, homestar runner, homsar, hugs, humor, immersive games, innocence, intellectualism, intelligence, invincibility, katamari damacy, kindness, kinky stuff, learning, legend of zelda, legend of zelda series, lifelike robots, livejournal comments, lol_comics, love, loyalty, lucid dreaming, malcolm in the middle, mario brothers, metroid, midwest furfest, mindlessness, movies, muscles, museums, mystery science theater 3000, nanotechnology, nintendo, nintendo super squad, nonconformity, open mindedness, peace, pets, philosophy, photography, pleasant surprises, political incorrectness, popcorn, privacy, procrastination, psychological thrillers, psychology, pure hearts, quality, rain, random humor, ranting, raptors, reptiles, robophilia, robosexuality, robot sex, robotics, robots, role playing, scalies, science fiction, shamelessness, shapeshifting, silent hill series, singing, sleep, sleeping in, snakes, snuggling, soothing things, sound effects, south park, staying up late, success, super smash bros. series, synthetic life, techno, technology, the unexplained, they might be giants, tolerance, traveling, true friends, unconditional love, understanding, unique thoughts, unusual fetishes, videogames, voice acting, weird al yankovic, weird kinks, wii, wisdom, wonder showzen, writing, xbox 360